Foundations Are Important...

Why should you build your website on a solid foundation? Your website is where your existing and future customers interact with your brand. Whatever happens to them on your website translates directly to how they perceive you. As far as marketing is concerns, perception is reality.

So if your website is offline when they visit your brand, this might translate in your customer's mind as your business being unreliable...the same way when someone visits your store and you are closed unexpectedly. It doesn't look good.

For people who live and breathe web development, we know that websites can be hacked, go offline, break in weird places and so on. Good web developers, who are seasoned with taking care of their client's websites, build their websites on a solid foundation to reduce the ongoing cost of repairing and maintaining a healthy website.

Here is a quick overview of the places where it is important NOT to cut corners.

Your Email Provider

The number one thing people tend to want to save costs on is emails. Don't! We are trained by Gmail and outlook to think that emails are free. But when you have your own branded email such as "[email protected]", there is a cost.

If your emails always end up in the spam box or emails are not delivered that may mean that you will lose potential clients or existing ones.

For more information on what La Station Web recommends, please read "Why we recommend GSuite for emails".

Your Server Infrastructure

There is a lot of low-cost options for hosting your websites but they are not all created equal. There are certain technologies that have to be in place in order to prevent disasters down the road. At La Station Web, we manage the hosting from the bottom up. This allows us to include things that make your website faster, more reliable and we are not at the mercy of a third party to solve issues.

WordPress Done the Right Way

WordPress is an incredible piece of technology to manage content. It powers more than a third of the internet and a large community of people is building tools and improving the software.

But with great power comes great responsibility. Inexperienced web developers will uses plugins for every single new feature they are not able to code themselves. This means websites can easily become bloated, prone to plugin conflicts that break the website and a real open door for hackers.

Good developers are careful about the plugin they use and try to minimize their use as much as possible while paying for the one they really need. Paid plugins come with ongoing maintenance and important security updates that a free plugin may lack.

Timely Update & Maintenance

Now, some may look at a maintenance package like ours and wonder why they should pay up to $79/mo to have their websites maintained. That's because the internet is a rapidly evolving place.

Here are some of the things to consider when you are paying that fee. If you were to do it all yourselves to save that cost, you would have:

It may seem a lot at first $79 is a normal hourly rate for a web developer. This basically pays for 1hour of service per month...and when things go sour, a developer can spend 5-6hours trying to find the problem with your website.


Not all web developers are made equal and cutting costs may seem like a smart move at first but in the long run, people end up paying up the difference in headaches. Make sure to do business with developers who know what they are doing and that builds your website on a solid foundation.

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So, you have a business or about to launch one? There are a few things you need to have to care about, namely your domain name and your emails. Today in this article, you will discover why La Station Web recommends using G Suite for dealing with all your email and domain needs.

Don't try to save money on emails

Emails are a core element in communicating with your clients. If the service goes down or worst, always ends up in the spam folder of your clients and prospects...your business will be severely affected. There are many services out there that will offer you a cheaper email service than G Suite but many of them fall short.

Very easy to install, especially for Google Domains clients

Many people use domain providers such as GoDaddy and Namecheap. Now, we are not too fond of their customer services or the quality of the products they provide but it's okay for most people. But when it comes to integrating with other services, it can be quite the neck pain. When you get your domains via Google Domains, in a few clicks you can have your own branded email without having to jump too much into the techy stuff.

Don't use GMAIL free accounts for your business

Do you want a sure way to look like someone who is not serious about their business? Have a [email protected] on your website. This screams: "I don't know what I'm doing and my business just got started." Use G Suite to get a properly branded email like this: [email protected]

Easily integrate with other important Google services

There are a few very important services your website needs to be connected to in order to get exposure to the search engine, namely Google Webmaster and Google Analytics. When you use a service other than Google, you need a specialist to get your website verified by them. But it's as simple as a click when you are using Google Domains and G Suite services.

No need for 3rd party email clients

Gsuite uses the same interface as Gmail. You can download the app on your phone and access your account online and benefit from all the great email technology they've developed. The Gmail app is really good at filtering the junk that comes into your inbox and classifies your emails between inbox, social and promotional emails.

Want to save 20% on your GSuite subscription for the next year?

At La Station Web, we use Google Domains and GSuite to set up our client's online property right. But even if you are not our client, you can save 20% on your next year's subscription by using our promo code at checkout.


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